What you need to know

Search engine optimisation (SEO) services are what drives traffic to your website through search engine results. Good SEO ensures you are being found for the right reasons.

How does it work?

To explain it in the least confusing way possible: search engines use ‘crawlers’ to go out and gather information on all the content they can find on the internet. The search engine then organises the content it finds into an index. So where do SEO services come in? The ‘optimisation’ part of the acronym refers to the specific editing and fine tuning of content and key words so that the search engine crawlers know what they find when they come across your site, and index you correctly. Still with me?

How can I optimise my website?

Below are some of the main tips and tricks for optimising your website content for SEO. If you want to know more about SEO services and how they can be utilised professionally for your website, contact us here or check out our SEO page.

  • Decide on your relevant keywords. These should be directly related to your business, and what you envisage your target audience will search when they are looking for you.

  • Link to other sites that you know and trust. This encourages more trackable traffic, and makes your website a reliable resource.

  • Link to other pages in your own website! This encourages traffic around your site as well as engagement on multiple pages, rather than just one.

  • Write interesting and engaging meta descriptions. These are the little blurb that you see below a website link on a search engine. Bonus points if you include your keywords in the description!

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