Website Build Terms and Conditions


We will always do our best to fulfill your needs and meet your expectations, but it is important to have terms and conditions outlined so that all parties involved are aware of procedures, services, and how to proceed in the event that something goes wrong.

The purpose of this document is to ensure that both parties are aware of their responsibilities and expectations. You are hiring Webpub Media Solutions, located in Bangalow, to design and develop a website following the specifications and costings outlined in our proposal/quote.

What do both parties agree to do?

You: You have the authority to enter into this contract on behalf of yourself, your company or your organisation. You will provide us with all of the information and data that we need to complete your project. This information will be provided when it is required, as well as in the format that we request. You will review our work and provide feedback and/or approval in a timely manner. These deadlines operate both ways, meaning that you will also agree to meet dates that we collaboratively set. You also agree to meet all payment schedules outlines in the website proposal and/or quote.

Us: At Webpub, we have the experience and ability to carry out all services that we have outlined in our proposal and agreed with you. We will complete all work in a professional and timely manner. We will also endeavour to meet every deadline that is set. We can also assure you that we will maintain the confidentiality of any information that you give to use, including discussions that take place and content that is provided to us.


Our website designs are professional, modern and stylish. We develop websites using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) as the foundation of the system. A number of WordPress themes will be presented for selection, specifically chosen by our design team to best represent the website requirements. Customisation of the chosen theme will be required following final approval of design requirements from you and your company. If a bespoke design is required our designated graphic designer will work closely with Webpub and you to develop required site design. WordPress is the industry standard for most websites and is a highly customisable content management system, meaning that we can tailor your website to your individual preferences.

During the website design process, the majority of correspondence will occur over email. This gives us factual records of change and update requests and allows for a convenient channel of communication for both parties. Please keep in mind that this is a creative process and while we will do our utmost to interpret your requirements, due to the nature of creativity some elements may not present exactly as you may have envisaged.

We will share a working website link with you that will allow you to view our progress on your website. We will maintain regular communication as updates and changes are made. If at any stage you are unhappy with the direction that our work is taking, you agree to pay us in full for all of the work completed and content produced up until that point and cancel this service.

Text & Content

We are not responsible for writing website copy unless instructed by you to do so. If you would like us to create copy for your website, we are able to provide a separate estimate upon request. With your consent, we may make minor changes to your copy to improve readability and search engine optimisation (SEO).


We allow for two (2) revisions after the first draft is reviewed and agreed upon.

The majority of websites take approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete once content has been supplied. Variances in this time frame can occur due to the amount of content that is required by the client. The process often involves Webpub building the site with the content supplied by the clients, with the client making several changes along the way.

It is important that you have the majority of your content, images and other details ready at the beginning of this process, as we are unable to continue to make changes across an extended period of time. Whenever you request a change or update, please include as much as you can to avoid multiple changes becoming necessary. Extra changes outside the agreed specifications are charged at our standard hourly rate.

As we receive any of your updates or changes, they are placed into a queuing system for our developers to make updates. At any time, we can be working on up a number of websites. As a result, these changes, even when minor, can take up to 5 working days to be actioned. All our client jobs are important to us and this is why we operate using a queuing system, so that all clients are treated equally. However, when possible we will endeavour to assist with tight deadlines.

Photographs and Imagery

You should supply graphic files in an editable, vector digital format, .jpeg or .png. You should supply photographs in a high-resolution digital format. If you choose to buy stock photographs, we are able to suggest online stock libraries upon request. If a bespoke design is required we may ask for content to be provided in specific formats and size.

If you require us to search, supply and purchase photographs for you or if you require professional photography services this can be provided at an additional price upon request.

Desktop browser testing

We test our websites in current versions of these browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Please note, that it is not possible for a site to look the same in all browsers.

Mobile browser testing

We test our websites in in current versions of smart phones and tablets, including iPhone, Android, iPad, etc. Please note that is not possible for a site to look the same on all phones and tablets.


Webpub is equipped to host your website if you require. We host websites as a hosting reseller for Crucial Hosting based in Sydney. The hosting servers at Crucial are maintained by the company. Webpub Media Solutions provides local support for hosting services. We may occasionally need to pass issues on to the hosting company in Sydney for resolution. Webpub Media Solutions will handle all interaction with Crucial.

We offer various levels of Hosting. These are outlined in our hosting Terms and Conditions document. Please contact us if you require any further information.

If you require your site hosted elsewhere, we can facilitate this. This process will incur an extra charge due to differing configurations of various servers. Due to this different configuration extra time is needed, the duration of which will vary from case to case. Setting up outside hosting is charged at our current hourly rate.


Please be aware, if your website requires an eCommerce facility, which may include (but is not limited to) an online shop or ability to receive donations, Webpub Media Solutions may require access to your accounts. This may include your bank account, PayPal and other payment gateway accounts, accounting software, and newsletter system. If you have any reservations regarding this access, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Social Networks

If your website requires integration with your social networks, Webpub Media Solutions may require access to your accounts including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or other social accounts. If you have any reservations regarding this access, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Account Details and Security

Webpub Media Solutions include free Wordfence security on all websites we develop. However, please note that we take no responsibility in the event that your website is hacked. This is including any losses that you may incur.

We formulate a complex password when creating your website to lessen this possibility. In the event that you change and simplify this password, you may increase your susceptibility to being hacked, and compromise your website’s security.

Please note carefully that no website in the world can be completely secure. In the event that your website is hacked, we will work as efficiently as possible to restore your site to the last available version that has been backed up.

We retain your website account details on local machines, that are encrypted, and firewall protected in the Webpub office. We also use secure Microsoft Cloud back up storage. Passwords are also stored in a secure off site encrypted “Password Vault”.

During the site development process, we may need to share your account details with our third-party website contractors and theme or plugin third party developers.

Details that may be shared include; hosting account details, social networking account details, eCommerce (including payment gateway details, bank account details, and accounting software details).

Please note, Webpub Media Solutions will not be responsible for any loss of business or other damages resulting from occasional downtime, hacks or other technical problems related to hosting, the website or email. This is regardless of whether these issues are caused by the web hosting company, Webpub staff, third party plugin developers, contractors or by broader Internet problems beyond our control.


If your website is hosted with Webpub it will be backed up daily and these backups are stored by Crucial hosting. Off-site back-ups are taken by Webpub and stored every 6 months. You are also encouraged to back up your site to your own device as an added security. Backups can also be compromised by hacks, so increasing the amount of these is beneficial. If you are not using Webpub hosting you should check with your host regarding their back up procedures.

Website Launch

It can take a while for your site to be able to be found on the internet. This is called propagation and is out of our control. We will list your site with Google and Bing search engines as part of our initial search engine optimisation (SEO) set up. It can take up to 3 months to be found on these search engines for certain keywords. This timeframe is out of our control, but we take steps to minimise these times for our clients.


After your website is live, we will contact you to organise training. The purpose of this training is to instruct you on how to make changes and update your website. We provide over the phone training, and 1 hour of this training is included in your initial website proposal or quote. In our experience one hour training is all clients require to learn how to make changes and update their sites. If extra training is required we can provide this. Please note that you are always able to email us or call us if you are experiencing difficulties, and we will endeavour to help.

Website Maintenance and Updates

In the event that you require changes to your website that you are unable to complete personally, we are able to carry out these changes for you in single instances, or as part of a monthly maintenance package.

Website standards and applications are constantly evolving, and regular website and system maintenance will ensure that your website continues to perform in the way that you intend it and continues to run smoothly. Our maintenance packages include updates to the Content Management System (CMS) including security updates, system/plugin updates, back-ups and support.

Another essential reason for keeping your website up to date is that major search engines regularly check for changes, and websites that are updated regularly with relevant content rank higher. This means that they are found and interacted with by more customers.

We offer several maintenance packages. Please contact us for more information and refer to our Maintenance Packages and Terms & Conditions.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

As part of our proposal/quote organic SEO set up is included. This includes;

  • Site content revision – Review all content provided and if required add keyword rich content
  • Keyword optimisation – Add keyword/description meta data to all pages and posts
  • Link optimisation – Add internal links, as required, on pages and posts.
  • Website and page title optimization
  • Image alt tag and header tag optimisation
  • Submission to Search Engines
  • Set up Google Analytics and add code to website

Google redirects will also be put in place if the new website is replacing an existing website. We are also able to complete regular Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and social media management as part of the website maintenance program. Social media management may include blog development and posting to both website and social channels.


We cannot guarantee that our work will be error-free, and as a result we cannot be liable to you or any third-party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you have advised us of them.

Finally, if any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

Webpub Media Solutions will not be responsible for any loss of business or other damages resulting from occasional “down-time” or other technical problems whether caused by the web hosting company Crucial, Webpub Media Solutions Staff, third party contractors or by broader Internet problems beyond our control.


You guarantee that all elements of text, images or other artwork you provide are either owned by yourself, or that you have permission to use them. When your final payment has cleared, copyright will be automatically assigned as follows:

You will own the website that we create for this project. You own all elements of text, images and data you provided, unless ownership of these belong to someone else.

We reserve the right, to display and link to your project as part of our portfolio. We also reserve the right to discuss the process of your project on the web and in blog articles.


Please refer to our initial proposal or quote for our payment terms. Your prompt payment of invoices is essential.

Parked Projects

If we encounter extensive delays in receiving feedback or website content and information from you, and have attempted to contact you on multiple occasions, we may be unable to complete your project. In the event that this occurs, your project may be parked to continue when you are more able to do so.

If project completion extends beyond 3 months, additional charges may occur to bring the project back online for completion.  These charges are related to re-familiarisation of project by our team, updates required to WordPress core, plugins and theme. If you require further information regarding these charges, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please complete and submit the form below if you agree to the terms and conditions.

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