What you need to know

Once your website is up and running, there’s a range of different reasons it needs to be regularly updated. Ensuring that your content and all the other bank end stuff is up to date, is not just important for presenting your business to your clients. It also safeguards your website from a range of scary internet issues!

How does it work?

Regular website maintenance might look different for everyone – you might want regular online training, or some search engine optimisation tweaking to make sure your site is attracting the right kind of traffic! At Webpub, we offer a range of different website maintenance packages, tailored to suit you and your business needs. If you want to find out more, contact us here!

3 Reasons why YOU want website maintenance

  • Your website will remain safe. Not updating plugins and other components regularly can leave your site vulnerable to hacking.

  • Your customers will remain interested! Keeping your content updated and relevant will ensure your consumers are getting the most out of every visit to your site.

  • SEO! SEO! SEO! Are you sick of us talking about this yet? Search engine optimisation is one of the best ways to attract people to your site, and regular updates help ensure that your rankings are improving.

If you want to find out more about our website maintenance packages, contact us here. If you want to check out some of our other services, you can do so here.

We offer regular website maintenance services in Bangalow, Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Northern Rivers and surrounds.

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